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Guts everywhere... - 78%

dismember_marcin, November 19th, 2013

I finally managed to get this 7”EP, which is a split of Anatomia and Offal. And Japanese band was actually the only reason why I bothered myself about it, having just no idea what Offal is like and I don’t think I’ve even heard about this band before. Anyway, I got a copy of this EP quite late, as it was released it 2010, so it took me three years, but fuck that… better late than never and besides, it is always cool to hear something new from Anatomia.

And will it be a surprise to anyone, if I write that yet again those Samurais have slain? This is such an awesome band, I just can’t believe. Here they possess us with one song titled “Merciless Torment” and that title is just appropriate to the content of the music – these sounds truly nail to the ground and torture, slowly cutting the skin and ripping the guts out. The song starts with relatively faster tempo, but somewhere in the middle it slows down to that doomy pace, with crushing, bone breaking mammoth riffing and disgustingly killer vomit of Takashi. Yeah, I just love this stuff... Simple, but so damn effective, you know? Anatomia may not be discovering anything new, but they’re just good at what they’re doing and even than harsh production fits perfectly to their music. Ha, I have nothing more to add – killer band! But let me tell you that only last month I finally also listened to another Japanese band, called Coffins and their killer album “Buried Death” and this once also just really, really fuckin impressed me. So, it feels like Japan managed to spawn two utterly awesome bands and now I need to collect records and EPs of both. But that’s just on side, as I wanted to say how greatly stunned I become by the music of both bands, which are actually quite close to each other stylistically.

Side B now… I am completely unfamiliar with the music of Offal, never had a chance to hear any of their two albums… but I usually like most of the bands from Brazil, so… let’s go. I am happy to say that I like their music as well; maybe it is not as utterly killer as Anatomia’s, but it surely is decent. The beginning of “Over There, Guts Everywhere” sounds slow and melodic, very much in the vein of Swedish death metal, but later it transforms into more aggressive, rough death metal. Their riffing is rather simple, maybe a little archaic, but it is good. One of the most characteristic parts of their music are the vocals, not just by their sound, but more so because of the strong Brazilian accent of the vocalist. It almost sounds like Masacre mixed with some Autopsy! Oh, also really cool finish of the song, with a melodic theme where they used cello! Surprise, surprise… Offal offers us also a second song – “In Nephritic Blue”, which is a cover of Haemorrhage and here obviously everything grinds like crazy... cool stuff, I have to say.

So, another fine split EP! Two good bands and one of them is the almighty Anatomia – that’s enough of reasons to get it, I guess. Norway’s No Posers Please! (which is a label of Hans Jørgen Ersvik from Diskord) did also very good job, speaking of the quality of the single… good packaging, nice artwork and insert with all the info, etc… and more so, the colour of the vinyl is… PINK! Yeah, it is my first pink piece of vinyl hehe! What a cult colour! I’ve heard it was suppose to be red hehe.
Final rate: 78/100