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Two amazing bands on a black 7"piece of wax - 90%

dismember_marcin, June 26th, 2012

I sincerely regret that I never had a chance to listen to any of the recordings, which both Japanese Anatomia and Turkey’s Burial Invocation have unleashed prior to this split 7”EP. In case of Burial Invocation it’s just one MCD, “Rituals of the Grotesque”, so I already ordered myself a copy of it, but Anatomia has quite a large number of different recordings, which those Japanese masters of death / doom have done, so it will take some more time to get at least few of them, like the full length “Dissected Humanity” or split EP with Absconder (a new band of Brad Budlak from legendary US death metal band Morgue!). Anyway, recently I got one time opportunity to purchase “Decomposing Serenades”, which is a split seven inch between Anatomia and Burial Invocation and I must admit that I took the chance and purchased it, despite having just a small knowledge about each of these two bands. And I don’t regret it now as both turned out to be just awesome and worthy.

Kicking off with Burial Invocation, the first riff made me think of Black Sabbath played by the Swedish death metal band back in the early 90’s. But that riff was only an intro, as soon it turns into massive Incantation worshipping beast of old styled death metal, which in few occasions blends with the Swedish style. And being a fan of both US doom death masters and the Svensk Dods Metal, to hear a bastard son of the two styles is like a wet dream for me. Burial Invocation really crushes here; the riffing is excellent, their crushing heaviness and some more melodic parts are just possessing, so are those deep, guttural vocals of Mustafa and also the obscure, heavy production, with killer guitar tone do not leave me careless. This band is excellent and I can’t wait to get “Rituals of the Grotesque” finally!

For anything that comes from the Japanese territories I always feel sceptic. The food? Well, sushi is not really my thing. Sake? Fuck it, straight vodka or whisky are much better. Horrors? Too weird for me. And music? Well, I cannot say that there are many bands, which I would like. I’ve never been into Sigh, Abigail or Sabbat. Or Transgressor… And I mention Transgressor, because I’ve found out that Anatomia is a new incarnation of two fellows, who used to desecrate in Transgressor back in the early 90’s. And I must admit that Anatomia is probably the best thing that came from Japan, together with Sony, Hondas and Toyotas! This one song, “Drawn Into the Abyss”, is just awesome. The production isn’t maybe as heavy and brutal as on the Burial Invocation’s side, but the music is really good. Again the first riff is sort of doomy death metal, it’s like Autopsy started to play some Black Sabbath with Winter and Incantation! Very slow, creepy riff, very obscure, ghastly and sinister atmosphere… this is what I love about it! And the vocals are just sick; deep, guttural, monstrous growling (no idea who’s singing there though, as all three Anatomia members handle the vocals). In the mid part the song speeds up a bit, but it remains the heavy, brutal feeling, what I like a lot! I’m really impressed by Anatomia and cannot recommend it to you enough. If you’re into ghoulish, morbid doom death metal, you must hear it, as well as Burial Invocation of corpse!