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Hellas and Nippon united in death - 90%

dismember_marcin, December 17th, 2013

Hungry for some Anatomia? Well, Doomentia Records came with a helpful hand and released a brand new EP single of these Japanese monsters and joined them in the destruction together with Greek Necrovorous. Now, that sounds like a stuff for me… So, I didn’t hesitate and quickly got my copy of this split EP. Some of you may know that there are two versions of it available, with two different artworks (great idea, by the way!). One was done by Putrid Matt and another by David Torturdød (from Undergand, if you don’t know)… All together there are 700 copies, with 350 for cover of each artist, plus there are also more strictly limited EPs, like 50 copies of splatter vinyl and other such bullshit. As I don’t give a damn about the colours of my records I just went for the easy black vinyl and chosen Putrid version, just because I prefer his filthy gore cover over the artwork of David, which also is cool by the way, but somehow in this case I prefer Matt’s cover (with all respect to David, who is also an awesome artist and I like many his works a lot!). Great job of both guys, anyway! So, the choice of artwork is done and now the music… Luckily here I have no choice dilemma because both versions contain the same songs hehe. Obviously though I was very eager to hear Anatomia again, but also I was kind of interested what will Necrovorous be like, as I didn’t know this band so much.

So, let’s start with the Hellas. I had many occasions to get Necrovorous music… Their debut album is easily available on vinyl and recently someone have also released a compilation CD with their demos and EPs or something like that… But I don’t know any of these recordings. Maybe one day I will finally get them and give a listen, at the moment though I don’t feel that necessity. Maybe this split EP with Anatomia will push me and speeds up getting these previous materials, because Necrovorous song called “Eternal Soulmates” is truly a bone crusher. Actually I like it even more that Anatomia’s “Desolation” what already says a lot! Musically Necrovorous is a classic brutal death metal band in the vein of Incantation, Immolation, Disma, their countrymen from Dead Congregation and other such killer, cult bands. These resemblances are one thing, but it’s the quality what matters most and I am happy to say that Necrovorous turned out to be a nice surprise for me. I mean it’s just one song, but the powerful, brutal and massive riffing, great ghoulish vocals and killer raw, obscure production made a huge impact on me. Simply – I love this song. It is brilliant, with damn heavy riffs, but also with some excellent melodic parts, what can almost remind you the epic side of Asphyx. How cannot I love it then? For me it is awesome, so I am really interested to find some of their previous stuff as well.

And from Nippon comes the tsunami called Anatomia… I really have discovered this band this year, getting their several materials and really loved them all, I never got disappointed. And the same can be said about “Desolation”, even if in case of this split I liked Necovorous’ song a little bit more… but “Desolation” is also damn awesome. It is very doomy, very mournful and heavy piece of death metal, with almost no speeded up parts except one motif towards the end of the song. Rest of it is just slow and creepy. And disgusting, as this is how you can describe the atmosphere of “Desolation”… creepy, gruesome and disgusting. I always feel amazed how this band is able to create such mood and also how they have this ability to demolish using so simple, but utterly brutal and memorable riffs. This is the kind of doomy death metal devastation, which I adore and I suppose no more words are needed here… Anatomia is Anatomia, if you like their previous stuff then “Desolation” will also hit you badly and rip your guts out.
Final rate: 90/100