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Entrancing Musick - 95%

OpenMindedMetalhead, October 15th, 2004

Anathema have always been a standout band. In the early 90's... shit they were damn near unstoppable to this reveiwer. But something happened after Pentecost III (Something that had actually been hinted towards for quite some time), Anathema moved towards a more ambient metal/rock sound. Nothing like the Radiohead-esque shit they churn out now, this period (Silent Enigma through Judgement) was arguably their high point.

The second cd in the Resonance series tends to focus on the heavier side of Anathema (albeit during the aforementioned period), whereas the first disc focused on their lighter, more acoustic side. This cd is fantastic, with tracks such as the Cure-sounding Hope (My favorite track) to the all out old school of Nailed to the Cross/666 (A very misleading title). Highly recommended.