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...And I Thought It Was A Full-Length - 81%

OzzyApu, May 13th, 2009

Now I usually don’t keep EPs, let alone download them, but the sheer melancholic beauty with this five track monolith deserves listening. I thought it was an album before checking it out here, so any joke is on me. “Kingdom” alone hooked me in with its highly romantic, yet empty build-up – that of which destroys worlds with each passing second. The effort put into each note and the echo it lays across the universe brings the scope of the EP past the plateau that many albums strive to reach; doom at its finest. Towards the end of the song it boiled down to straight power, losing its atmosphere.

The rest of the release didn’t have such a killer impact, but its authority was still grand. The songs have an overwhelming tone – like in the second track’s bridge or “Kingdom”’s aforementioned build-up. The riffs are thick, bellowing, and distorted enough to surround you and sometimes even your surroundings. On top of this we have the clean guitar tunes which capture whatever innocence we can find in such a monstrosity. The biggest impact (yes, another trait) comes from White, who creates the ultimate sense of gloom and leaves no emotions untouched. Sometimes they come off as sluggish and weak like early in “We, The Gods,” but that’s cause the song drags on like crazy. In “Kingdom” his mournful cleans sound majestic and honest. The growls are ok, but really lack the demonic touch and are only utilized during heavier parts.

Adding to the groove factor is the bass, but the guitar plays a greater role in the heaviness. Drums also lack any true distinctive qualities worth mentioning, so I wouldn’t go in expecting anything special from them. Regardless, the sound is unified and overall consistent with the bleak theme. Somehow I enjoyed the rhythm riffs moreso than the lead as the EP progressed, but it still is a spectacle worth remembering. The leadwork has the more symbolic and classical touches than the churning rhythm.

So yeah this EP is a keeper; it’s the rare breed that adds more character and says more about a band than most full-lengths. As much as I butchered it, the atmosphere and solace it gave upon first and subsequent listens allowed me to get into the band. This would be the last album for vocalist White, but it isn’t that much of a change from the immediate releases thereafter. It’s a great middle ground for newcomers and doesn’t disappoint for old timers; coupled with its initial addiction factor, it might just beat weed. Nah, fuck that weed conquers all…