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Enjoy the heartache - 93%

Marx_Rattlehead, November 4th, 2006

Well, I'll try to go straight to the point: this folks, is trully a masterpiece of the late 90's, maybe one of the few. It may be not be as good as its predecessor "Alternative 4", but keeps up the good wook, musicianship and songwriting. While "Alternative" was a very experimental release (almost piano-driven), "Judgement" is a bit heavier and manages to come back with the spirit contained in albums such as "Eternity", but incorporated in their new atmospheric rock sound.

The opener "Deep" has Anathema written all over it and I can't think of a better song to open this cage of broken hopes, promises and loss. Yes, the lyrics are still traditional Anathema, although more emotional when it comes to love affairs. The guitar work provided by the the Cavanagh brothers is stunning, and will surely grow on you as you listen to it again and again. They are one of those few bands whose lyrics can speak for YOU, as if they were written by your own trembling and desperate hands. I should mention Vincent's vocals either. Here, he reaches the top of his performance. His singing is full of grief as we can see in songs like "One Last Goodbye", an absolute anthem for the broken hearts and one of their most known classics to date.

The highlights include: Deep, Forgotten Hopes, One Last Goodbye, Parisienne Moonlight, Judgement and Wings Of God.

If you're new to doom/atmospheric rock, "Judgement" is a good album to start, but I suggest you to listen to it in the mood, not on a 'happy hour'. Put it on the CD Player, call your girlfriend and enjoy the soundtrack.