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One of Doom Metal's finest - 83%

CrowTRobot, July 18th, 2003

Being a fan of many different musical genres outside of extreme metal, I came to greatly appreciate the direction that Anathema has taken with their later work. Mixing Doom Metal tendencies with acoustic interludes, and even a touch of Prog-Rock here and there, Judgment succeeds in maintaining my interest on a majority of the listens. I was quite surprised at this, as Anathema's earlier albums seemed to lack originality, or even variation, for that matter, but these concerns don't apply here. Vincent Cavanaugh's voice is above average during the length of the 13 tracks offered here, which can only add to its greatness.

However, don't expect to be jumping around or even thinking about happy things when listening to this album. Some of the moments can be very depressing, and the lyrics accomplish just what they set out to do: purvey a sense of remorse and tragedy. This is what emotional music should sound like, not some manufactured teen angst number that uses the same recycled concept over and over again.

I must concede, though. Nothing is perfect, and this album falls victim to that trend. While the outstanding songs are dispersed throughout the album to great effect, such as "One Last Goodbye" and "Forgotten Hopes", there are a few repetitive tracks that I just feel the need to skip over once in a while. Don't let this deter you, however, as you won't be disappointed by the aspects of the album that really matter: the effective instruments, the appropriate additions of keyboards, and even an appearance by a female vocalist. My Dying Bride, you can kiss Anathema's ass for all I care.