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Anathema - All Faith Is Lost

Different - 90%

grimdoom, May 13th, 2007

Anathema has been labeled many things over the years. From their humble Thrash/Death demos to their more famous Doomdeath offerings to their current bid for the position of Pink Floyd. Anathema has always been changing their sound and their first recordings should have been an early indicator.

In the Demo ‘All Faith is Lost’ we hear up-tempo Thrash/Death Metal that will surprise one who has only heard Anathemas’ “proper recordings”.

The production is a little thin, though a million times better than any of the early Paradise Lost demos. The guitars are heavy and the drums are fast. The vocals are straight forward Death Metal (perhaps the only constant from their pre-signed days) as well as a faster version of “They Die” that was later seen on the ‘Crestfallen’ EP.

The lyrics are poetic and delivered passionately (what would you expect from two of the most prolific song writers who were honing their craft.) Again the production is the only let down here as the over recording is very good.

Over all there isn’t much to say about this aside from the fact it’s simply a cool piece of Heavy Metal history and should be sought after by Anathema fans as well as Death/Thrash Metal-heads.