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what can I say? this is just "sublime" - 95%

SoulSeekJay, July 7th, 2004

Anata's third album! Finally!

Some of you might know Anata from their "Dreams Of Death And Dismay" which was done by Relapse Records in the US. This four-piece definitely knows how to combine the destroying power of death metal with right-placed guitar harmonies.

Immediately Extol comes into my mind as a comparison but Anata head into a more brutal direction because they left out any clean singing parts. Both singers, Fredik (lead vocals/guitar) and Andreas (vocals/guitar) shout, scream and growl their lungs out.

Musically they play technical death metal combined with layered, razor-sharp, guitar leads and a lot speed-changes. Beside this they throw in some straight forward death metal parts with simpler riffs. In fact the combination of straight up death and the technical guitar riffing, the crazy stop-and-go parts and seriously rocking pieces made "Under A Stone With No Inscription" an extraordinary death metal record full of individuality. Yes uniqueness still exists in this "clayman" world.

Sophisticated song-structures that never relent on brutality. Favourite track of the album, among others is "The Drowning" that opens with mid-tempo melodic death, then increases in speed and at towards the middle of the song they play slow down-tuned atmospherical guitars , just to return yet again to a blistering attack. Impressive!! Anata can't (should'nt) go unheard!