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A band that needs to be recognized! - 95%

SatanLaughs, March 14th, 2004

I had never even heard of Anata until I read an article describing their then upcoming release “Under a Stone with no Inscription”. The description was enough to compel me to buy it when it came out. And I am glad I did. I was immediately blown away by the sheer intensity of the opening track. Anata wasted no time with buildups or intros and began the 45-minute assault right off the bat.
This could easily be a generic death album, it seems to have all the ingredients, if it wasn’t for the fact that the band is forging in their own brutal direction. Fredrik Schalin avoids the all too common trap of current death acts in trying to mix the growling guttural vocals with pieces of melodic singing that has helped damage the reputations of In Flames and Soilwork. The vocals start out brutal and stay brutal through the entire album with screams, growls and grunts being the only thing accompanying his excellent “singing”. The instrumental work accompanies the singing (or vice versa) to help create a unique metal album. The guitars meld two distinct sounds. They demonstrate the quasi-melodic sounds of bands like the Haunted while at the same time combining that with the discordant screeching and wailing of bands such as Deicide. The drums are as fast as you’d expect combining the usual double bass with some work that should be featured as solos and the bass keeps the pace fast and unforgiving.
This CD has convinced me that Anata is a band worth paying attention to and belongs in the upper echelons of extreme music.