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This has an inscrption alright: Awesome - 90%

Justin_Bork, January 3rd, 2005

Anata has always been something unique and awesome, and with Under a Stone With No Inscription, they just get better. This is a Technical Death Metal album, featuring a whole boat load of time signatures, tricky and complex riffs, with some fairly off timing drumming. Sounds alot like other bands on paper but it really isn't, this album is especially awesome. Killer brutal and thoughtful material, excellent performances and stellar production, one can't stress enough how exceptional the production is. Every instrument sounds perfect in the mix. The guitars are loud and winding, the vocals are just the right volume, and the drum sound is excellent. Song wise, has a few minor weakspots, and the best songs seem to have been placed at the albums forefront, but still, this is awesome Death Metal and shouldn't be missed.

Everything about this album sounds professional, this is, afterall a veteran band, and it shows in their sound. These guys know what they're doing. I see this as a modern Death Metal masterpeice, technical, brutal and interesting. Highly recommended for fans of Death Metal.