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One of the best albums I've ever heard... - 99%

Etiam, November 3rd, 2005 of my top 3 all time.

It is not uncommon for a reviewer to be so zealously appreciative of an album that the reader just loses interest, because the fanboy writing style is painfully obvious, and the chances of an objective review are slim to none.

I'm trying to avoid that here, but it's very difficult. This album is honestly one of (if not the) best death metal albums I've ever come across. It's also one of the longest lasting albums at the top of my rotation. I'll burn through an album in a couple days, and not come back to it for months, having listened to it as much as I can without getting bored.
Anata never bores me. These guys are brilliant, plain and simple.

Each song is crafted with not only creativity and inspiration, but restraint. Despite the brutal tendencies of some of these songs, they don't flail about unnecessarily. This album is calculated and economical. A well-oiled machine that crushes your skull with just the right number of double-fisted whacks. The last album from these Swedes was also very mechanical, but it lacked the spirit of this album. The first album was the opposite- filled with spirit but a bit too raw. Combining the best of those two worlds, the product is lethal.

Each song has its fair share of blasting and chugging death metal riffs with competent but not overdone growlings. Then, unexpectedly and sometimes unobserved on the first few spins, a segue or fantastic and subtle riff slides into the structure of the song, changing its form and dynamic. A Problem Yet To Be Solved is a perfect example. Listening to this song morph from classic Anata technicality into a new, beautiful, and flowing form is fascinating.

Perhaps my favorite part about this album is how diverse it is without slapping you in the face about it. Elements of Gothenber, grind, straight up balls out blastbeats, technical "math" riffing, the shredding arpeggios. It's all here, but it's all woven into a distinctly Anata sound, making this one of the most diverse but also easily identifiable records I've come across.

And this is all before the last track, which is absolutely stunning. I'd lay down the money for this album if all I got was that last song. If you ever wanted to know how to write an epic death metal song while avoiding the sloppy or pretentious stigmas that bands like Nile get, listen to Any Kind of Magic Or Miracle. If you're paying attention, you'll be floored.

Each other song on this album fufills its purpose, and then some. There are no wasted tracks, no wasted lines, no wasted riffs, no silly interludes. This is heavy. This is metal. This is class. This is talent.
This is fucking Anata.