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Should be Awesome - But Isn't - 50%

demonomania, March 2nd, 2007

This album has the potential for greatness - everyone from Anata is obviously very talented. No, I take that back, they need a new vocalist ASAP. Seriously, you guys are from Sweden, there is probably a dude who can do death grunts waiting at the local bus stop, shopping at the nearest grocery store, or asleep on the street outside your house. Anata - go talk to these growlers, get their help! Or hey, even get a celebrity Swedeath growler to be on your next album. It will guaranteedly boost sales. How about Lindberg? He'll be in ANY band. Or, for some variety in a melodic technical death metal band, try some fucking evil vocals. Give Sandstrom a call, he might be willing to sing and would give some satanic power to your lyrics.

Anyway, enough about the vocals. Suffice to say, they are no good. I've already complained about this on "Under A Stone..." Hell, they even use less of the high-pitched vocals that another bandmember contributed, which at least made the songs more listenable - when they do use him, like on "Downward Spiral Into Madness," the song is ten times better just from a little bit of gremlin vox in the chorus! Ok, I said enough about the vocals.

It does seem that while each band member displays formidable prowess, especially the drummer, Anata may be caught up in the idea of making their music "technical" and forgetting to make it "memorable." Not that there are not some great songs on here, like "Downward Spiral...," "I Would Dream..." and "A Cold Heart.." Hey, looking at the titles now, why are so many of them so long? Not to bring up Incantation again, but they sound like something off of "The Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish." Too long song titles are occasionally cool, but more often silly.

Ok, now I'm being picky. What it comes down to is that they have failed to write an album full of interesting songs, and while there are highlights, great sections, and some amazing time changes, riffs, drum fills, etc - it just doesn't add up to a whole. "The Conductor's Departure" becomes a fitting title - it was as if the person overseeing the musicians stepped out and left the players to do whatever they wanted - there's no oversight, no grand scheme behind it all.

But I still like Anata, and I think if they wrote a concept album or something with a few more hooks and a new singer, they'd make something incredible. Till then, "The Conductor.." has its highlights, but overall is not an engaging listen.