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Chaos and harmony...a great balance. - 89%

Spawnhorde, September 17th, 2006

This is Anata's fourth full-length album, following their 2004 disc Under A Stone With No Inscription, which was released on the same label as this one. Musically, I find this to be the best since their fantastic debut, The Infernal Depths Of Hatred, finding a good balance between heartfelt, passionate, unique melodic lines and splintering technicality. The drumming is fantastic, their best drum production ever, by far. Petersson's kit is fully utilized, with a fantastic array of toms and cymbals crashing left and right (see crushing opener "Downward Spiral Into Madness" and deviously quiet-sounding mid-album intro track "Children's Laughter" for examples of his mastery over the drums). The riffs alternate from brutal, percussive death metal riffs to the unique melodic sections Anata has been known to utilize at least once per song ever since their debut. Their sense of harmony is nearly unparalleled, they leave "shredders" in the dust with their alternating lead style and perfectly poignant, epic riff structures. This is when the album truly shines. The opener contains a melodic guitar part, for instance, where the left speaker/headphone is playing one line and the right is playing a fugue-type deal at a different time signature so the result is both beautiful and confusing, representing a great deal of the range of emotions I tend to get from this album, sometimes all at once! It really has to be heard to be believed. The album alternates from brutal and fast paced ("Complete Demise" and "A Cold Heart Forged In Hell") to more melodic and precise (just listen to the technicality at mid-paced displayed in "The Great Juggler"!). The final solo in the album, on the epic, marching title track is unbelievably fantastic. This album has grown on me a lot. Definitely check it out if you're into modern technical death metal or just something fresh and new. Anata plays with a full deck of surprises.

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