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Dreams of delicious riffs and drums - 93%

BloodIronBeer, November 10th, 2012

Can I skip the obligatory background and useless information regarding the band? And speculation about their name?


This album is a slab of often thrashy, melodic, technical death metal that will own your face. Just the right touch of complexity; not the level of Necrophagist, but definitely complex enough to warrant the technical title. Very tactfully played with the level of technicality. There's some borderline neo-classical riffage going on, lots of blast beats, definitely more of a low thrash type vocal, what I'd define as a "bark" - if that makes sense. Lots of memorable riffs, and then, there's this occasional section of a song here and there that'll come out of no where with a tapping lead that's like progressive power metal, with tonality totally unused in death metal - it's very unique (check out Can't Kill What's Already Dead for a good example of this). Colorful chords and slightly weird "stream of notes"-type riffs that are just a series of notes, which end up being so cool and fit so nicely in the fold. It's what sets this album apart.

Metamorphosis by the Well of Truth is kind of the album in a nutshell. Starts with one of said "stream of notes" riffs, then goes into a thrash riff, a little lead, then a headbanging mid-tempo thrashy riff with a touch of complexity, then boom - blast beat, look-how-Swedish-we-are, a pure Swedish death metal riff, then back into the opening riff and lead. Okay ... there's actually a lot more to the song than that, but you get the idea.

There's not a bad riff on this album, there's not even a mediocre riff on this album. It's just great riff after great riff. Backed up by cool song structure and impeccable drumming, and their unique touch. I'd go so far as to say this is a classic.