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Not as good as their debut. - 75%

Andromeda_Unchained, November 28th, 2011

I loved Anata's debut album The Infernal Depths of Hatred and thus was interested in hearing their second opus Dreams of Death and Dimsay. Now, when compared to their debut this is a lot more technical, which is a little worrying because the balance between bad-assery and technicality was perfect on their debut. However, they also push their Morbid Angel influence to the forefront, resulting in Dreams of Death and Dismay sounding a lot more pugilistic.

The album is a whirlwind of blast beats, furious riffs, crazed lead guitar work, and its all a bit too much. I loved The Infernal Depths of Hatred because it fused these elements so well with excellent Swedish melody, which makes it a little upsetting that the melody takes more of a back seat this time around.

Still, the riffs are of the quality I've come to expect from Anata. The material however isn't as cool as I would have hoped, and when compared with their debut and follow up I rarely find myself reaching for this one. Standout tracks would include "Faith, Hope, Self-Deception" which has some mighty Morbid Angel style riffing, and some of the melody that made their debut so special. "Drain of Blood" is another cool one track, again utilizing the Morbid Angel influence, making for the most head-bangable track on the album.

The production is a little cleaner than their debut, and the guitar tone isn't as awesome as last time around. Although its still a far cry from some of their more sterile peers. Overall Dreams of Death and Dismay is a solid effort but lacks any of the magic that made The Infernal Depths of Hatred such a must have. I'd recommend checking out either the aforementioned debut or Under A Stone With No Inscription before stopping off for a bout with Dreams of Death and Dismay.