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Through The Great Halls Of The Scriptorium - 78%

Hellphoenix, April 5th, 2013

This release is a one that I've been waiting for for a long time now. The amount of hard work this band had to go through in order to give us such joy is really great. The Anarchy guys have been playing on stage only for the past few years. I used to memorize their lyrics from their concerts and live performances only, so their "Scriptorium" is such a delightful joy after all these years. It's a wondrous joyride into the minds of great progressive metal artists, and we shall review it all today through my humble opinion.

The metal scene in Egypt isn't exactly prosperous, and they are still starting up, so the quality of this progressive metal EP is incomparable for a first release. It gives Anarchy a good start. The intro followed by 12 Gates is really good. Progressive metal as it should be. Throughout the album, the guitar parts by Ahmed Raouf and Peter Ayman are great. The mixing and mastering of the track made them shine as they should. They take turns doing the rhythm and lead guitars, yet still giving you the progressive eargasm you want. Every tab is played as it should be played.

Bass by Hazem Sherif is good and he does a great job. However, the mixing and mastering of the EP did not make him shine throughout the tracks, which is fine because the tracks sound more progressive that way and it all makes for a good combination. Adham Kafafy's vocals have really progressed. Some people didn't like his vocals in the past as they were starting up, but in the last couple of concerts and on this EP, he practically said to all of those people "shove It!".

As for the drum parts by Nayer Osama, I've gotta say I am really impressed. The drums are really progressive. He held his part pretty good. The variation of the drum notes is as progressive as it should be. A personal favorite track from this EP would be their legendary instrumental track "Headbanger". I can assure you this track is the one to listen to when you want some pure bad ass music poured into your ears.

This band deserves some support for their hard work. I've bought the EP and I can tell you for sure that it's worth your money, and I personally believe that this band will have a great future up ahead. If they just continue doing the same level of hard work, they will be known globally later on. Everyone who wants a piece of their "Scriptorium" should go and buy the EP right now. I personally recommend it. Salute.