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Fairly unremarkable brutal death metal - 50%

Rykov, March 27th, 2016

Oh boy, a band called 'Anal Flesh' with song titles like 'Skinned Alive' and 'Sick Fuck'-- wonder what genre of music they play. Suffice it to say, Anal Flesh is steeped in the trappings of brutal death metal-- more particularly the school of brutal death metal that eschews the more technical death metal inflected strains in the vein of Suffocation or, later, Defeated Sanity in favour of low end, Neanderthalic grooves. It's competently executed and hardly unlistenable, but between this and a million other brutal death metal bands, Anal Flesh doesn't exactly stand out.

Generally, what you get on Anal Flesh are slams and grooves beneath bog-standard BDM gurgling and a fairly varied drum performance; the drummer mixes things up fairly well, flickering from infectious grooves to blasts and thrash beats as the music demands. The riffs are far less successful, and with the exception of a moment or two in Skinned Alive or Rotting in the Sun, most of what the guitars are doing goes through one ear and out the other: might get your head banging for a sec, but don't count on memorable riffs or even anything that really cares to deviate from the BDM mould here. The guitars have a fairly dense and weighty production to them that lends itself well to the low-end grooves, but the vocals and drums are mixed a little too high, so the guitars tend to get a little drowned out during blasts-- as for the bass, outside of the intro to Motherfucker with a Chainsaw (probably the most interesting thing about this release is that song title), it's pretty indistinguishable from the guitars.

Summed up, Eating Human Remains is listenable, but not really worth going out of your way to check out, even for those who worship this sort of grooving brutal death metal; there's nothing here you haven't already heard time and time again.