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Anal Blast - Vaginal Vempire - 75%

DivineDevil, February 10th, 2008

Ok, by the looks of the cover, their logo on this album and the title, you might think this would be not only a parody of CoF, but that it is also played a little like them, even if it's only for a joke. If you hate CoF as much as I do, you might be a little apprehensive when you see this lying in the record store, the first time I saw this I just walked straight through, bought an other album and downloaded the songs of this one, just to be sure.

To my surprise, it sounded nothing like CoF, and I actually enjoyed listening to it. These guys play as fast and as loud as they can, and they're doing it good. They play a sickening mix of death metal and grindcore, and it is working out very well, though they could have used an other vocalist here (Seriously, just listen to him scream...). Apart from that, I think the music is very good, especially the drums (Wow, this guy really is sick). The guitars are really good. However, they might want to consider playing more than 5 chords in a song.

Another surprise is that the tracks are easily distinguishable from each other, the problem with much death/grind is that one track sounds exactly like the other, but these guys create an actual new song with every new song. Overall, I think this is pretty good.

Conclusion: These guys make a genre which is overall not very interesting, interesting.