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Better Than the First - 85%

DivineDevil, February 14th, 2008

This is the second album by the death/grind band Anal Blast. And the first thing I noticed that they have changed their style, but haven't changed their musical direction a bit. The guitars are quite a bit lower here, and everything is more varied, especially the drums; on the first album it was just as fast as the guy could, but now there are some slower pieces in it, a sort of a breathing pause, after which all hell breaks loose again. Also, the guy on the vocals seemed to have improved his scream, which I enjoy listening on this album. Plus, he doesn't use it that much anymore. Even though these changes are there, both albums still classify as death/grind in every aspect.

Unfortunately, I can't distinguish any bass, which is a shame. But then again, I do not know if they even used bass on this album, I hope they didn't though, because I think that if they did, a lot of talent would have been lost in this outburst of sound.

The only way to truly describe this album, is as a 31-minute explosion of sound. Which is both the good and the bad part of this album. It is certainly something to enjoy and headbang to, but exactly this is what may scare off people from listening to it who aren't used to extreme death/grind.

I think this is a great album, and if you liked Vaginal Vempire, you should definitely give this one a go.