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It's that time of the career . . . - 90%

rabidsatanlover, November 14th, 2008

Yes, it's that time of the career for the band Anal Blast. Time to take a look back on all the bloody tampons they have loved and lost in this collection, known as "the worst of Anal Blast." Don Dekker has been making records with Anal Blast for 14 years at this point and when this disc was released last year it provided fans with a one stop shop for gross out menstrual blood themed grind/death. Dekker himself is suffering from terminal liver disease and it is doubtful there will be another official release for a band that, along with Lividity, has pretty much written the book on porno-grind in the USA.
This genre is, by nature, not intended to do anything but churn out short brutal and sick "blasts" of music. From the demo track through the selections from their last album we hear a band that has had a changing line up of musicians with no attempt to alter style or approach to songs. You will find neck breaking grooves aplenty on Hot Wet Bloodhole, but they do not belabor the point. Just when you start to get the hang of a song, BAM, it is over and you move on to the next gooey and blood filled track without a look back. The beauty of Anal Blast is their consistency and dedication to grinding out one nasty track after another. Anyone buying this album should know what they are getting into before they purchase it, but for fans of Anal Blast this one album is all you need. Don't come to the table expecting to hear anything remotely resembling Slipknot (formed by most of the original Anal Blast lineup) and you will not be dissapointed.

Turn up your stereo as loud as it will go and make sure you have a fresh supply of tampons to soak up all the blood that will pour from your shattered eardrums. Hell, my stereo itself bleeds for three days at a time after I play this shit.

I've listened to worse things - 60%

bassbrutality, April 12th, 2008

Mutilated Records brings us nothing less than an hour and 2 minutes of grindcore by ANAL BLAST, including tracks from their Vaginal Vempire 98 demo, their 2001 Version 5.Obese and the more recent Battered Bleeding Bitch, released on 2005. I've never been a big fan of this band, and I neither understand the reason for they find so much support in the underground. Maybe I'm too sober to fully get them.

I hope nobody misunderstands me, I've listened to worse things. I've not even said it'sa bad band. The stuff from the demo and Vaginal Vempire surprises for its more than correct production, I didn't expect that quality in more than 10 years old grind recordings. I don't know if they remastered it. It is, anyway, more or less entertaining stuff. On the tracks from Version 5.Obese we feel a significant improvement in the band's technique, though the main direction of the compositions remains the same. Incomprehensibly, I guess they spent too much money on alcohol on Battered Bleeding Bitch, having to trade their fine instruments for some Fisher Price ones, because they sound like a real demo. Congratulations, ANAL BLAST . Very few bands achieve to release an album with worse production than the 11 years before demo.

Finally, if I'm drunk tonight in a pub and this degenerated coprophiles start sounding, I'll rise my beer up and move my head. But now at home, with no alcohol running through my veins? No way boys.

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