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Once More Around the Sun - 80%

Erosion of Humanity, December 1st, 2014
Written based on this version: 2007, CD, Shiven Records (Limited edition)

With one foot firmly planted in either of their respective genres Anagnorisis stands poised to relentlessly pummel their listeners with blistering speed and precision, variety, and all around talent that is contained in Overton Trees. The album clocks in just barely at forty-five minutes, hardly ever stops, and is chock full of enough variety to keep even the shortest of intention spans intrigued.

Overton Trees opens with the aptly titled Prelude, which is really just a super lame intro destined to be skipped over on all subsequent listens. Immediately following is a relentless onslaught of perfectly executed metal broken up ever so scarcely by the various clean passages and a slight acoustic section. Switching effortlessly back and forth between black and death these boys come out of the gate and hit the ground running. Not until the last few tracks is the listener afforded any sort of break from the hammering process. They even throw in the crazy heavy and downturned, doomy To Sleep that closes out an album like this with perfection.

Anagnorisis offers a massively clinical and methodic, almost sterile, first effort with Overton Trees. Everything in this album has a place and fits perfectly into said place like a well crafted jig saw puzzle. The end result is a product that is so clean you can almost smell the antiseptic in the air as you’re listening to the album. These gents have a bright future ahead of them and I look forward to hearing what they will come out next.