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The Necrogeddon continues... - 90%

DemonFeces, November 30th, 2007

Can you feel the breath of the serpent eating your flesh to the bones? No? Then perhaps the violent shrieks of the half dead and bludgeoning battery from Birmingham's renowned Anaal Nathrakh will flip those lobes sideways for maximum volume ingestion.

You see, Anaal Nathrakh have taken the stones from the rubble of their first conquering such as the sound of a gritty heathen army of blood thirsty warriors which was The Codex Necro and added to it the strengthened components of their previous effort, Eschaton (stop-on-a-dime drum shifts, buzzing and surgically precise guitars, even more putrid vocals) to create the album most bands want to make; the album that combines both what the band was first admired for and what they have learned now as a musician/vocalist team of End Times madness.

Produced by multi-instrumentalist Mick Kenney, the sound hits the nail on the head. Almost. The drums are forceful but not overbearing, the guitars are always audible, but unfortunately the bass (provided by the legendary Shane Embury) is not too noticeable.

And the vocalist, apparently where everyone's attention is (I myself am not sure as to why), does a fantastic job. He barks, gurgles, chants and will shatter your inner ear with a well placed scream from the bowels of uh...the earth. He really does wish to vomit blood on you...people. But there are also two guest vocalists here. Joe Horvath (Circle of Dead Children) and Dirty von Donovan (Exploder). Listen for them.

The only quip one could have would be the slightly mechanical sound to the level thar someone claiming 'programmed-sounding drums' may arise from the crowd. I, on the other hand, am feasting on the blood-vomiting vocals, the riveting drumming as well as the slicing and slithering guitar work that creates an imperially relentless onslaught that just so happens to combines the best of Nathrakh's arsenal into one pummeling ball of unending hatred.

May the Necrogeddon continue...