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Awsomeness beyond fuck! - 100%

dartz123, November 29th, 2012

This album is one of the main reasons I think this band embodies true musicianship and pure genius. This is aggressive black metal with some minor forms of grindcore that will simply rape any black metal band; there are many reasons to justify the complete awsomeness of this album and I want to them down for you. This album contains 9 tracks that just obliderates any mainstream listeners ability to try and distiguish music from earthquake when this is what this album sounds like, the soundtrack to the apocalypse.

First, the sound quality on this album is a total thumbs up. I could hear everything more than good enough. Given the fact that most black metal bands sound quality is scratchy and more "raw," this albums quality is both raw with good sound quality.

Second, the vocals of V.I.T.R.I.O.L. is what I call "skull-fuck." It's original as hell, and will probably leave a mallcore kid running to his mommy! The guest vocalist from Mayhem, Attila Csihar on "Regression to the Mean" was beyond awsome a pure rape of the mind. I loved the track "Between Shit and Piss We Are Born" because it is simply the truth and it pulls no punches to tickling ears especially on what I thought was the climax - "you insignificant fuck!"

Third, the drumming was purely blastbeat programmed. I would recommend that any good drummer not try this, never mind mediocre drummers, this drumming will make you drum your arms into confuckulation!

Fourth, the guitar solos and riffs fit perfectly into the timing and lyrics of the songs. It was more blackened speed metal/ grindcore orientated. This however still allows the album to engulf the metal fan into a pit of the second Hades!

Fifth, the lyrics on here really excited me more and almost gave me a metal-gasm to the extent that I'd cum some black form of ectoplasm.

Well simply buy this album if you want good black metal! For any fan of good old black metal done right!