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Better than Old Funeral - 91%

Drowned, December 1st, 2005

Prior to settling on Immortal, members of that band played death metal with the likes of Old Funeral and Amputation. Old Funeral is the more popular of the two, having much of their older material re-released on CD a few years ago. Personally, I find a lot of the Old Funeral stuff pretty boring and run-of-the-mill. As for Amputation, the music seemed much darker and a bit more original, especially on this second demo of theirs. Their first demo was pretty standard low-quality death/thrash but this tape is a big improvement.

The music on this release could best be described as aggressive, dark death metal which doesn't really follow any certain type of formula (i.e. Swedish, Florida). Although, the guitars are played in a thrashy type of way that's reminiscent of some American bands like Possessed or early Autopsy. On this tape there are fast blasting sections, slower heavy moments and everything in between. The two songs are similar in structure but are both catchy and memorable to the listener. It's a shame they didn't record at least two more, because these are some excellent offerings of dark death metal.

The production is about average for a demo recording, but all of the instruments sound good and the production suits the music well. The only problem I have with the sound is the bass drum, which is recorded a little too low in the mix. It's not terrible, but the music would sound much heavier if the bass drum stood out more. Speaking of the drummer, he does some light blasting on both songs but it's not until the rolling double bass sections where he really shines. These beats, along with the chunkier guitar riffs result in some extremely heavy parts that will make you want to go out and exhume dead bodies. There's also some fast solos thrown in for additional headbanging moments. The vocals are thick, throaty grunts with a great intensity to them. There's a small amount of reverb used, but that only helps accentuate the dark mood.

A highly recommended demo. Pity it's so short.