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What You’d Expect - 83%

OzzyApu, May 18th, 2009

“Silent Waters” is worthy of being the title track: it’s a song that’s more catching in Koivusaari’s rhythm than Esa’s leads (kind of a switch). It’s a somber track, but very angry and powerful thanks to Joutsen’s manly roar – and those are his cleans. He doesn’t growl on either version, but you get to hear his sullen cleans and his bellow ones, which are both treats to the ears. The production sounds just as clear and thick as Eclipse, and the only difference I heard between the album version and the edited version is that the bridge is cut out a bit.

The song in-between, “Sign,” is much more folk influenced, with a hefty bit coming from the Middle Eastern corner. It’s a catchy tune with an incredibly fun lead melody. The song is a bit darker than “Silent Waters,” with Joutsen sounding possessed between his hypnotized clean vocals and his demonic growls (exorcist shit right there).
Rechberger does a great job keeping pace and overall I feel the guys had a lot of amusement with this one.
A good amount of time was released between this and the full album, and I’m sure we were all pleased with the outcome. The best way to top off this enchantment is with a guitar / keyboard solo that I’d buy a round of beers with – honestly, play this in a Finnish bar and watch the folks go nuts with joy.

Wow, now I’d easily pay for this album after hearing these two. A worthy single indeed, and the only way to hear both is to get the digipack version – that, or download this baby. Hell, if it sounds this good, I wouldn’t mind throwing money in support of this band. Keep the rounds coming!