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Eclipse 2.0 - 94%

RedMisanthrope, October 1st, 2007

Only a year after "Eclipse", which for me was the most surprising album of the year, Amorphis are back with their newest offering "Silent Waters". Title aside, Amorphis are definitely not silent. This album takes everything that was good about "Eclipse" and cranks it up a notch, improving on an already solid formula.

The album kicks off with "Weaving the Incantation", an awesome title that, after a short intro, gets straight to the point with heavy guitars, sinister sounding keys, and death metal vocals. "A Servant" continues in the same vein and is an almost entirely death metal track, which is of course always nice to see. Joutsen alternates between clean and death vocals very nicely as always, and is able to find a happy medium between heavy and melodic.

One thing that is never lacking in an Amorphis album is powerful choruses, and this album is no different. The title track, "Her Alone", and "The White Swan" are the best examples of this and will lift your spirits even if they don't need lifting.

The album is backed by a nice array of instruments too (of course) with squealing guitars, often times bombastic drums, and a nice solid wall of bass. The occasional acoustic passage is also very nice in "Enigma" and "Shaman" which keeps things fresh. One song even features a string instrument that I can't rightly identify that verges on sounding oriental, even in the mix of guitars and vocals. Another thing worth mentioning is the keys kind of take a back seat for most of this album. While they are certainly still present for some songs, the guitars do most of the work, giving the album an overall more heavy impression.

In addition to the Amorphis formula, a few twists have been added in to the mix to spice things up a bit. While definitely nothing huge or experimental, "Towards and Against" features an electronic intro that I was most certainly not expecting for some reason. There's also small choir work and some very nice vocal harmonizing.

Overall I would recommend this album to any Amorphis fan old or new. If you're a fan of melodic metal with an ever so small folk twist, this album is for you.

Stan out tracks: Weaving the Incantation, The White Swan, Silent Waters, Sign.