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Great progressive death metal and Amorphis' best - 99%

Hawks10Pec, March 12th, 2009

Everyone who knows Amorphis knows of the masterpiece Tales of the Thousand Lakes. That album has been at the top of all Amorphis albums. Until now. After Tales of the Thousand Lakes, Amorphis kind of went into a slump with a couple of mediocre albums. Then in 2006 when they released Eclipse i got some hope back, but with this album my faith has completely been restored in this band. This album amazing. Silent Waters goes back to the Death/Doom/Progressive Metal (not really on the Doom side) style displayed on Tales of the Thousand Lakes, but also adds elements of Folk and Gothic Metal too. Prepare yourselves for what is probably the best album of 2007.

The vocalist for Amorphis is named Tomi Joutsen and i'll tell you what, he gives Mikael Akerfeldt a run for his money on this album. Weaving the Incantation starts off with a great death growl by Tomi and a very heavy riff and you might think you're in for a full on Death Metal album. But as the song goes a little longer, in comes Tomi's amazing clean vocals. His clean vocals are more on this side of something you would hear from a Gothic Metal band. The vocals throughout this album are a mixture of the death growls and the clean vocals. Tomi's voice is either extremely menacing or extremely beautiful.

The guitars are definitely on the melodic side on this album. As i stated earlier, the first song starts off with a pretty heavy riff, but after that the riffs are mostly all very melodic. There is also a pretty heavy use of the acoustic guitars on this album on songs like Enigma, Shaman, and Black River. The acoustic guitars are played extremely well. They're not John Zwetsloot good, but they make it sound great. Now i dont know if its just me, but i dont really hear bass on any albums that i listen to. I dont know why, but it seems like i never hear it. It might just be because im not looking for it. Drums on this album are pretty simple. No blast beats or any fast stuff like that, but it definitely keeps the pace of the album very well. The keyboards are played very well too. You're not going to hear any keyboard solos like you do in Children of Bodom, but in Towards and Against there is a sort of industrial atmosphere that the keyboards create.

All in all this album is amazing. Not one bad moment throughout this entire album. If you like bands like Opeth or Cynic, you're definitely going to want to check this out. Some songs such as Weaving the Incantation, A Servant, Towards and Against, and The White Swan show off the Death Metal side of Amorphis and mix it with the progressive side. Other songs like Silent Waters, I of Crimson Blood, Her Alone, and Black River are almost completely on the Progressive Metal side. Then songs like Enigma and Shaman are nice acoustic Folk songs.