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Disturbing Silent Waters - 75%

Daru_Jericho, October 13th, 2008

Finnish metallers Amorphis are notorious for changing their sound over the years. Initially beginning with a unique death doom metal with melodic additions, the band evolved into a melodic metal band with many elements of contemporary rock comfortably integrated into their sound. Despite the dissolving effect it had on its fanbase, Amorphis continued to release solid enjoyable albums.

Silent Waters is another stage in their doom metal digression. Although this album is notably more metal and heavier than past albums, this evolution could have been expected, looking closely as their 2006 effort Eclipse. The opening track ‘Weaving The Incantation’ is arguably the best on Silent Waters. The guitar has a progressive sound to it; an Opeth influence can be detected. Couple with growls and a convincing atmosphere, this song is utterly convincing in its nature.

Towards the middle of the album, it lags a little, slowly retracing the footprints of Eclipse, losing its metal edge. The clean vocals are rather varied, which is a positive aspect, yet the variation itself is sometimes for the worst. For example, the shouted vocals on ‘Towards And Against’ do not suit the music of Amorphis and act as an aggravating distraction and when the clean vocals fail to inject enough emotion, they come off as bland or average, as heard on ‘The White Swan’.

This album, like a lot of Amorphis’ work is based on something typically and unique to Finland: the national epic the ‘Kalevala’. ‘Enigma’ is an acoustic track that feels like homage to Finland’s heritage and an enjoyable warming song too. This album should be picked up by all fans of melodic metal, especially Amorphis fans that have been diverted by their rock influence.

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