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The essence of Amorphis - 100%

kluseba, December 17th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Legacy Magazine (Promo, Digisleeve)

Legacy of Time is a wonderful limited EP promoting Amorphis' most recent masterpiece Queen of Time. This release offers two brand new studio tracks as well as six exclusive live songs recorded in Finland, including four cuts from the excellent Under the Red Cloud release as well as two classics from the Elegy and Tales from the Thousand Lakes records, respectively.

The two new tracks are excellent. "The Bee" is a progressive melodic metal track that includes more ideas than other bands put on entire records. Mysterious electronic sounds, enchanting female backing vocals, majestic guitar sounds, fierce harsh vocals and catchy melodic vocal lines are brought together in a stunningly coherent way and underline the fact that Amorphis is both the most versatile and consistent band of its genre. "Wrong Direction" is typical single material with a melancholic chorus you won't get out of your mind. The amazing thing is that Amorphis remains atmospheric, creative and intellectual even when it aims for radio airplay as this song is equally emotional and intelligent.

The six live tracks show how energetic and energizing the band's concerts are. The communication with the crowd is excellent and never overstays its welcome. The songs sound as perfectly executed as the great studio versions but the band always adds a few surprises in each song, sometimes in form of some extended fan participation but also in form of prolonged codas that add atmosphere and oomph to the songs. Amorphis is an outstanding band that should have more official live records than it has. Since this isn't the case, new, occasional and faithful fans should get their hands on this excellent release.

To keep it short, this rare EP flirts with perfection. The song material is diversified yet coherent. The production of the two studio songs is precise and smooth while the prdocution of the six live tracks is direct and raw. Even the cover artwork honoring Amorphis' current and early years is mindblowing. Don't hesitate to get your hands on this perfect gem while you still can.