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No, this is not a comeback - 58%

makaze, September 14th, 2004

Amorphis, once a great name of finnish doom metal scene, started to bleak in a last few years. After masterpiece named "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" and "Elegy", weird and bad experiments started to come out under the name of this band, going far away from the doom metal, even the metal itself. There were no more growl vocals, only cleans, guitars in background and more and more rock influences came up to front. It's really awful to see one amazing band disappear and go into commercial metal/rock scene. But, I must confess, new album "Far From The Sun" put me in some kind of dilemma. First of all, it's obviousAmorphis went back to folk melodies (present on "Elegy"-era) and more guitar-oriented style, but still you can feel the lack of the metal atmosphere. Commercial rock influences are still present and are getting listeners off the complete joy. "Day of Your Beliefs" and "Planetary Misfortune" are very good, comeback songs, reminding me of already mentioned "Elegy". Title track "Far From The Sun", and "Higher Ground" are worth to mention, but everything else sounds too weak. Vocals are sometimes good, but sometimes so bad and so boring. Like the vocalist had been kicked into the balls, so he could only do some annoying sounds. But... this is a dilemma.. coz there are few songs that really sound like Amorphis, but at the same time, half of the album is really bad. Maybe this is a step to the roots and towards more doom metal oriented music, but on the other hand, maybe Amorphis are just using the stuff that has been selling good, to sell one more album good as well. Time will tell, after all...