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Better than the last one... - 89%

arkbath, March 31st, 2005

Amorphis is back after the little deception of Am Universum. With this new album the band seems to go back to the Elegy era, not as good as that album, but good enough to attract their new and old fans again. It’s true that Amorphis now is more a hard rock band instead of a metal band, but within this “retro sound” there are some elements that still make them interesting. As I mentioned, their compositions have the essence of old bands like Deep Purple (just listen to the keyboards and some guitar riffs) but also use (or abuse) of some folk sounds that give some kind of magic to their music.

The opening track, Day of Your Beliefs, is great, maybe too simple but the main riff and the tunes are so memorable. Evil Inside is the perfect example to experience the “retro sound” I’m talking about. Maybe my favorite from the album, Far From the Sun, a strange ballad I must say, but it reminds me of My Kantele (even there is an acoustic version, just as happened with the fabulous song from Elegy). Another highlight is Killing Goodness, heavy, too rhythmic and with a lot of old keyboard style. The special mention for this album goes for Higher Ground, just because the oriental stuff in the intro and throughout the whole song. This song deserves special attention.

Amorphis is a strange band with a strange sound, but that’s what makes them special and great. I must say that I don’t know what to think about Pasi Koskinen’s departure. Maybe he isn’t a great singer, but he is part of the trademark of the band, and without him no one knows what to expect… until we listen to their forthcoming album, but that’s what happens with Amorphis… no one knows what to expect until you listen to the album.