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Amorphis isn't Pink Floyd - 45%

Tale_of_the_Hellship, March 13th, 2005

Well, I normally am a very open-minded listener, and I just don't care about what other people say about this album or that band; I'd rather listen to it myself. And such thing happened with Far From The Sun. I already owned Tales From The Thousand Lakes and Elegy and I love them both, so even with all the bashing that the three following Amorphis releases were taking, I decided to buy this one thinking "Can't be THAT bad coming from such a good band..."


This isn't metal anymore. It's alternative rock. Note that I haven't anything against alternative rock: Elegy also had it's alt-rock moments and I still love it. No, the problem here is that this is a crappy alt-rock album. Amorphis have lost their touch: there are very few good songs and even those have very few rock/metal ingredients. The title track, Day of Your Beliefs and Killing Goodness are among those few; they have a certain 70's rock feeling to them that makes them kind of attractive. Ethereal Solitude is also an enjoyable ballad. The other songs? Don't even bother. It's all keyboard-laden techno crap. The guitar riffs and leads are barely listeneable underneat the idiotic trying-to-sound-prog-rock electronic effects and keyboards. Tomi doesn't growl anymore; Pasi has taken over all vocal duties, and while in Elegy he did a decent job, he sings like a little baby in here. It's really sad to see a band that was once so great fall now in disgrace. They aren't even trying to be above the average indie-rock bands: they are just being derivative and, ultimately, boring. Disappointing.