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Old school death with atmosphere - 78%

Egregius, July 25th, 2004

Although you can hear the Abhorrence influence brought in by the guitarist (and some of the guitarwork), I like this demo a lot more than Abhorrence's work. Both are typical early old-school death metal (that is: brutal old school death metal lacking clear thrash influences). But this demo has a lot better sound/production. The guitars are heavy as lead, and the vocals are gurgled deep as a demon's, as opposed to Abhorrence's fuzzy guitarsound and screams.

The songs are actually semi-memorable, mostly because they have a sort of vibe. Because the guitars are low and heavy, the music impresses more. It isn't the epitome of originality (although I can't really judge lacking knowledge of deathmetal chronology), but it does have something most other death metal bands lack: keyboards. They're typical 'sinister' synths, but they add atmosphere nonetheless.

Funny this band would later make progressive doom metal; there isn't much of a trace of that on here.