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One Of Amorphis’ Best - 83%

OzzyApu, May 18th, 2009

“Alone” remains the staple of the decade for Amorphis – a great start for the turn of the century. We have the edited version (for the music video and for the radio) and the full version; the main difference is that the edited version leaves out over a minute of the intro and another bridge section. I’m not that much of a fan of this version, considering that the intro is glorious, but it works well for the music video, which I might add is pretty bizarre.

“Alone” itself is everything: dark, historic, catchy, melodic, soothing, and epic. You’d expect no less from Amorphis, and Pasi sounds better than ever with his mournful clean vocals. He sounds more pissed off, edgy, and the chorus is catchier than the whole Tuonela album. In fact, Esa’s spacey pitch carries the verse while the chorus allows Koivusaari to crush the competition under his riffs. Aside from the hypnotic bridge, the solo really takes the dive from up top – a true ending on proportions unseen.

“Too Much To See” is harder hitting and showcases more Middle Eastern / Eastern European folk influences. The lead / rhythm / vocal combination delves the mind into a outrageous listening experience. Its much darker and rather evil sounding, but anyone can sing along to the demonic chorus and feel more comfort than fear.

This single revealed itself two months before Am Universum hit the market, so it served its purpose into teasing us dry in anticipation. Not only that, but the album itself was pretty interesting, and to this day “Alone” remains one of my favorite tracks by the band.