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An Epic Failure - 0%

Dissektion, June 20th, 2009

What the hell is wrong with these guys? First, they hire a teenager pop vocalist who wouldn't be able to sing decently even if his life depended on it to replace Niko Kalliojärvi, who was a pretty good vocalist. Second thing, they start dressing like a boy band and, most importantly, they dumb down the music and start playing pop metal with distorted guitars.

The riffs here are pretty damn generic. The songs are devoid of any kind of atmosphere, originality, power, diversity. Damn, even the solos are generic as hell. Where is the melodic technical death metal they used to play? This is just watered down power metal that sounds more like metalcore a la Trivium with a vocalist who shouldn't be allowed to perform (at least Matt Heafy isn't completely horrible). The drumming is tolerable. Nothing over the top, but at least it's decent. The bass just follows the rhythm guitar, so it's nothing special.

Now, did I mention that Ari Koivunen is a failure of a vocalist? Yes, I did. And I'm doing it again. No wonder he sucks: he is the winner of the Finnish pop Idol, a reality-competition gameshow. What would you expect from a pop singer in a metal band? Nothing good, of course. His vocals lack power and strength, something that a decent metal vocalist should have. Not to mention he sounds like a girl at times (check it out by yourself if you don't believe it, although I'm sure you'll regret it).

All I can say is: this is ridiculously awful. It's like a modern day Cold Lake, except it's even gayer. If you liked their old material, I'm pretty sure you'll be disappointed. If you were a fanboy of this band, you'll probably want to kill yourself after hearing it. But, if you like sugar-coated pop music with distorted guitars, this is right up your alley.

I feel like I've been too generous with my rating, but I can't rate it lower.