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Impresses yet disappoints - 79%

replikoid, April 18th, 2008

Decrowning is the first album by Amoral that I came across. As soon as the riff on the first track Showdown kicked in I was blown away. The riffing was great, the drumming went along very well in a very unconventional fashion following a well crafted groove that complemented the riff perfectly. This was a very different breed of death metal that I got exposed to. After a long "riffing session" and a fairly long intro to the song I was eager to listen to the vocals. Needless to say this is where that band begins to disappoint.

After the unique band sound that I was introduced to I expected a powerful harsh and gutteral vocal style. Instead what I got was a very metalcore-ish form of vocal production. I must say this was a bit of a let down. The album could have been fantastic if it weren't for the vocals. It clearly did not have the quality to generate the same intensity that the riffs did.

However unimpressive the vocals might have been the rest of the band still amused me. Decrowning definitely has some of the best riffs I have ever heard. The songwriting is mature and the strong bass sound that the band possesses manages to over shadow all else that may come in your way of enjoying this band.
Decrowning however like every other album out there has its good side and its down side. There are "weak" songs present in the album that force you to push the forward button and go to the next song. For example in my eyes Lacrimal Gland along with Raptus and Tiebreaker was a half hearted effort by the band.
Compared to the rest of the album these few songs seemed quite mediocre and rather...well the most polite manner I can put it in would be BORING!!

All in all at the end of the day Decrowning is an album that could have made it to my top 10 metal albums of all time if it wasn't for the flat sounding vocals and a couple of uninteresting songs. On listening to the first one minute of the album I really thought that this band would reach that legendary status such as Death, Vader, Morbid Angel just to name a few. Unfortunately two minutes into the album chnaged my mind. It had all the elements present in it that would have made it a groundbreaking album and catapulted Amoral to a totally different level. But at the same time also has those elements that will force you to reconsider.