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Good collection of songs does not an album make - 75%

GTog, December 8th, 2006

Technical DM acts can be monotonous in their zeal to show off their speed and ability, but not so much Amoral. Decrowning is hardly TDM at all. For one thing, the songs are mostly short and to the point. Not something I associate with Technical Death Metal. I’m looking for monotonous meandering track after track. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I didn’t find it here.

The thing about TDM, and another reason why I don’t think Amoral qualifies, is that it can be hard to listen to the first time. All those time changes and off-beats require some attention. Amoral puts up more melodic offerings, allowing the music to just be heard and enjoyed. The vocal are used appropriately to augment each track, which are all straightforwardly driven by the rhythm guitar and drums.

Once you’ve gotten used to the band’s sound, through, it stagnates. Tracks 4, 5, and 6 don’t offer anything new, which to my mind signals a bridge to a finale of some sort. Nope. ‘Control Cancer’ is fairly technical, and ‘Raptus’ ramps it up a little more, speed-wise. The album then takes a jarring left turn with the melodic instrumental ‘Warp’. It’s only 2:17 long, and is quite nice as an intro to ‘Bleeder’, the final track, but still. It throws off the album’s denouement.

All the tracks tend to end suddenly and without fanfare, making you think there should’ve been more song there or something. Aside from that, this is reasonably accomplished full-on Death Metal. 'Decrowning' offers a good samplig of Amoral's sound, but I didn't find that it gelled very well.