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So this shit is what's become of Amoral! - 36%

forestspirit, February 12th, 2012

‘Beneath’ is the fifth album from the Finnish metal band, Amoral. It is the follow-up to the 2009 full length album ‘Show Your Colors’ which marked a change in the band’s style from technical death metal to power metal.

The intro to title track ‘Beneath’ sets the scene for what appears to be an epic movie soundtrack. That is until the guitars kick in reminding you that this is still a metal album. The vocals are the big issue here as this does not even remotely resemble the old Amoral. The singer’s persistent wailing wrecks the song completely and the metalcore-style guitars don’t help either.

‘Wrapped In Barbwire’ has none of the epic elements of the previous track but the guitars are catchy enough to make it memorable. At least it would be if it wasn’t for the ridiculous vocals, which sound more like badly sung, radio friendly pop rock than metal. ‘Silhouette’ suffers from the same problem.

‘Things Left Unsaid’ makes you wonder whether this is still the same band as the vocals shift from clear, radio rock to a metalcore style then back to radio rock. Sadly once again the only good parts here are guitars. There are more metalcore elements in ‘(Won’t Go) Home’ which, despite a good intro and skilfully executed guitar riffs, doesn’t make up for the bad vocals.

The rest of the album tends to drift between radio pop rock ballads like ‘Closure’ and guitar driven, catchy rock songs like ‘Hours of Simplicity’ and ‘This Never Ending Game’.

So if you’re a fan of the old, death metal Amoral, I would advise you to avoid this album like the plague!

Originally written for Valkyrian Music: