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Slaves To Electricity - 85%

IfIWasCain, December 4th, 2007

A step forward for this bunch. Much better sounding than the previous effort 'Incarnatio', they go kinda slower for loads of psychedelics, in the same time ratios they used to move (just between 3 -most of them- to 6 minutes, the songs enlarge maybe in 30 seconds from their last). But this remains growing heavy psych. Just replace some Motörhead touches for acid Maiden ones and this could be.

Superb songwritting continues improving, more noticeable due the righter production, same r'n'r attitude, some keyboards (which for example put them next to Doors in the mammoth 'West Of Eden', while the guitar stays heavy, woow!!), and tons of delightful riffage and killer guitar work.

'Timothy' is the most original version of the classic UFO pre Schenker era you could imagine. They add groove and good fun without loosing a bit of class.

Holy Satan! These guys know how to rock your ass and make you trip at the same time. Necks beware!