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Psychedelic Motörheads - 70%

IfIWasCain, December 17th, 2007

This is just an ass kicker album. The perfect candy for a headbanger. Music can be described as Motörhead on a lysergic trip... The songs are concise and go for the throath, three to five minutes long, and no more is needed to display the electricity these three fellows are proud to show off. This doesn't mean you have two or three killer riffs, a couple of rhythm changes and a cathcy chorus per song, but stuff plenty of heavy psych guitar licks and solos (the guy plays so fine, damn!), a vocal performance full of r'n'r attitude, and speed where others put doom.

I suppose they'll pack them under the stoner moniker, but after a few listens you'll notice though they might come from the same origins, they have evolved in other direction that, to say, Fu-Manchu, which is refreshing for the genre. That's mainly because an ingredient in the formula that the typical stoner stuff use to avoid: 70s hard rock sensibility with classic 80s NWOBHM flavor.

To sum it: how to go from Motör to Buffalo through the Maiden highway, and back to... Cactus!?

The weak point of this work is the production. It's not bad but poor, and it dulls the greatness of this bunch of 'real' good songs.