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Odhinn would be proud - 98%

friendofthesuncross, April 10th, 2007

This is Amon Amarth's first DVD, and it is the best metal DVD I have seen. Wrath of the Norseman features over seven hours of footage, and most of it is concert material.

The first disc is the largest gem here. The concert in Cologne is incredible, with nearly two hours of amazing music. They play a total of twenty-three songs all together, and not one of them is poorly played. Lots of pyro, which fits the band perfectly, especially in " Releasing Surtr's Fire", where pyro is used prominently. The lighting is brilliant, as well, complementing the music and the overall mood of each song. At one point an army of Norseman enters the stage and have a destructive battle. While this may seem cheesy to you, watch it. You will be impressed. The battle helps the show quite a bit, and fits with the concert.

There are tons of camera angles used during the show, focusing on the band mostly, and they don't focus on one member. They actually do a good job of getting each member camera time. The mix also sounds great, and if you have a good sound system, crank it up. Then it sounds just like you were seeing the band live and in person. The thing that surprised me the most was the great quality of both the music and the taping. The video is on par with a High-Quality production, and is done beautifully.

Also on disc one is the documentary The Vikings are Coming, which gives you a look at the band preparing for the Cologne show. It is quite entertaining, and lets you see into Amon Amarth off stage. A definite plus for the DVD.

Disc two is two concerts: The Summer Blade and the Breeze festival. Blade shows the band at in a more raw light. I don't like it as much as the Cologne show, but it is still a solid performance. The sound mix is quite different from the Cologne show, and again, you'll have to listen for yourself to decide if you like it.

The Breeze is another high-quality performance. They play in front of a large crowd, and feed off them for the whole show. They play almost all-newer material, and this is pretty cool. The lighting is great, and they play most off the sings to perfection.

Disc three has one good show: The Wacken open air. It is like the Summer Breeze, but larger, but they have more camera angles. Another don't miss performance.

This would be 100% if not for the” Fate of Norns" release show. They play at an undersized venue, and they don't seem to be as into it as other shows. They have more fuck -ups, and the crowd doesn't seem to be to interested.

The overall DVD is great, and you can always skip the release show. Probably will be the best Metal DVD for years to come. If you like Amon Amarth at all, get this. If you like metal at all, get this.