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Swagnarok Awaits - 90%

ReverseTracheotomy, January 12th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2008, CD, Metal Blade Records

Amon Amarth are unquestionably the kings of Viking metal. From the inspiring and vivid lyrics, to the most badass, anthemic choruses out there, they bring the heat with every release they put out. Twilight of the Thunder God is an album with a lot of groove and more focus on melody than some of their previous releases. In spite of this there is no lack of heaviness. There are some absolutely brutal tracks on this album and such a wide range of songs. Some are very fast paced and melodic or others slow and brooding and dark.This album was the best possible next step in their musical journey, everything good about their sound was honed and crafted into this Viking epic. This masterpiece of slaughter and mayhem.

The playing on the album is insanely tight as always, and the production quality makes this album a masterpiece. The tones on everything are phenomenal. The drums sound massive, the guitars are tight and heavy as hell, and Johan's vocals are even gritter and more brutal than before. I feel that this album also has some of their best songwriting, utilizing some basic song structures but with really well developed riffs and melodies that compliment each other beautifully. And of course no Amon Amarth album would be complete without some absolute bangers. This album is loaded with riffs from front to back that will make you start a mosh pit in a nursing home. This album is your new gym playlist. Your warcry. Your larping soundtrack. Any song that comes on and it makes you wanna rampage on your way to Vahalla. Unbelievably killer release.