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Mighty Avenger. - 90%

Andromeda_Unchained, November 28th, 2011

Hot on the heels of their debut, Amon Amarth unleashed upon us the furious slab of melodically inclined death metal that is the almighty THE AVENGERRRR produced to devastating affect, this album is like Once Sent From the Golden Hall's meaner, older brother.

As I hinted on, the production here gives the album a tenfold heavier feel. Whilst on their debut I was happy to pump my fist and head-bang, The Avenger has me wanting to rampage. I swear this album could turn me into "The Incredible Hulk". Amon Amarth waste no time getting things raging, a short drum roll signals a furious riff and before I know it I'm involuntarily flailing around like a wild man, "Bleed for the Ancient Gods" packs so much in the way of bad-ass riffage, and that riff around the 2:34 mark is ridiculously heavy.

From here onwards ensues just over 35 minutes of balls out, riff mastery, Johan Hegg sounds great and his warriors are on top form. Even across the 7 minutes plus of the title track Amon Amarth keep it up, with glorious riffs and themes. Special mention goes to live staple "God, His Son and Holy Whore", which is Amon Amarth at their frenetic best.

Overall The Avenger is a furious installment in Amon Amarth's saga, and up there with some of their best material. Whilst I prefer their debut due to it offering a little more in terms of depth, if ever I'm looking for a good old fashioned bang of the head I normally look towards The Avenger.