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Could Be Better. - 85%

Robropnkr1, March 17th, 2007

Please Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed this album. Between the riffs, the theme, and the quality, I would say that it's quite good, and definitely worth a listen by all measurable standards. And besides, who doesn't enjoy a good dosage of Viking Fucking Metal? Nobody.

One quarrel that I have with Fate of Norns is the fact that it is too bland. Too repetitive. Too dull. Whatever word you choose to use, the fact is this: Amon Amarth could have done a better job with this album. I know that they have it in them. With Oden on Our Side showed us what they are truly capable of as a band. I don't think they showed us enough of the Norse fire that burns within them, that passion that comes from the gods of old.

I loved the first few tracks of this album. An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm and Fate of Norns are definitely highlight tracks. Hegg's vocals, although reminiscent of Odin and Thor, are rough and not done as well as possible. The guitar work is heavy, brutal, intense, and epic. The drumming, although slightly monotonous and simple, goes well with the guitars and the vocals. Despite it's faults, this album is definitely a good listen and worth checking out or buying.

I haven't heard enough of older Amon Amarth to compare it to this album, but from what I've heard this album is a dissapointment to die-hard fans of Viking Metal. If it was any other band, this album would be amazing. The fact that it is Amon Amarth, a band capable of god-like musical accomplishments, makes this album an 85 in my book.