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Oh no! - 70%

MetalAbu, January 19th, 2007

What the fuck happened to Amon Amarth? After releasing the great album Versus The World everyone wanted to know if they are able to hold this great level. But what you can hear on Fate Of Norns is just disappointing. This is definitely the worst album they have released yet.

Ok, “Pursuit Of Vikings” is a very catchy song with growl along refrain, good guitar melodies, pounding drums and Hegg’s unmistakeable growls. And “The Valkyries Ride” is the reason why I started listening Death Metal. Very aggressive with brutal growls and sawing riffs. It makes you imagine a bloody battle when suddenly the Valkyries come down to take the dead to Valhalla. Really amazing Death Metal!

The opener “An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm” is good, too. Sometimes pounding drums, nice riffs and the typical Hegg growls. But in other great songs of Amon Amarth the riffs are great and epic, not nice. And the drums are pounding the whole song, not sometimes. And even Hegg loses points here: His growls aren’t aggressive like you know it from him.

So now you surely want to know why I call “An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm” a good song. Well, on this album, it’s good. Because the other songs are simply crap. It sounds like a low produced demo release of some bored musicians. The riffs are shitty and boring, the bass is boring, the drums are boring and Hegg’s growls have a real lack of aggression and he sounds bored, too!

If they were amateurs and this would be their first demo, you could say: It’s listenable and Ok, but they have to become better. That’s not enough for Amon Amarth!

And be carefully with “Beheading Of A King”. This is just fucking crap! The shitty riffs and the growls are hacked to little pieces which don’t fit together. It sounds like an outtake, recorded while the band was drunk. But I fear that they’re serious with this.

So finally I would say: Amon Amarth have lost their face after releasing this, because it’s just fucking crap! Putting the three good songs “Pursuit Of Vikings”, “The Valkyries Ride” and “An Ancient Sign Of Coming Storm” on an EP would have been better.