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Interchangeable with the last album Part II - 55%

Andromeda_Unchained, November 28th, 2011

So here we have Amon Amarth's fifth full-length Versus the World...cough, I mean Fate of Norns which sadly holds the position of being my least favorite Amon Amarth album, and arguably their least interesting.

As with Versus the World downgrading from The Crusher, Fate of Norns provides us with yet another downgrade. Everything from the production to the track listing feels kind of half-baked. The band seem so content to plow through the motions, there isn't even a shred of conviction in the performances, with the exception of Johan's vocals which are business as usual.

With the exception of some relatively cool riffs here and there I have next to no desire to listen to Fate of Norns, even now I'm sat here itching to put on With Oden On Our Side. Don't get me wrong the album isn't bad, and I'd rather listen to this than a whole host of inferior bands, and come to think about it "Valkyries Ride" is pretty damn cool (with an ever-so-slight nod to slower Morbid Angel tracks in the first verse). However, as far as Amon Amarth albums go this is a bit of a joke.

So overall, this is one for the completionists and the fanboy's. Anyone else could quite happily give this one a wide berth, as I can assure you aren't missing out on much...Okay, okay, download "Valkyries Ride" for your playlist.