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This is the sound of Stockholm - 87%

lordazmolozmodial, June 26th, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, the fucking Viking death metal riffs are coming toward your speakers to crack your walls with more roughness and brutality, the Swedish monsters Amon Amarth are back with another hammering release for all the fans of death metal music. "Deceiver of the Gods" is the 9th full-length album for Amon Amarth, and its also the 9th full-length album to be released by the exceptional extreme metal label Metal Blade Records.

The melodic and Viking musical style of Amon Amarth hasn't changed for years and this musical constancy has helped the band reach beyond Europe and hit the limit of the Earth with excellent music and performance, and here is "Deceiver of the Gods" proving that the original sound of Amon Amarth cannot be copied by any band except Amon Amarth. Though I am hearing a big semblance between this album and the previous releases, I can't but love every single moment in this melodic and brutal immorality. Here Andy Sneap (the known guitarist from Sabbat) is handling the mastering and the production for the first time in the discography of Amon Amarth and I think the result is really satisfying for all the fans of extreme and fast metal music. The roaring vocal sound and the slamming sound of the guitars are supported by the slashing sound of the drums and the deep sound of the bass, and the total sound created on this album is on the same level of the previous 2 albums (and maybe better).

The tracks "Deceiver of the Gods" and "Shape Shifter" have been released before the release of the album and these tracks gave the fans a good indication of how the album will sound. The headbanging rhythmic guitars and the pounding drumming were the main musical themes of these tracks, and of course I can't ignore the very strong vocals of Johan Hegg that gave the whole album mightiness and strength. Tracks like "Father of the Wolf" and "Under Siege" have really caught my attention, the sound of Stockholm death metal force you can headbang to even if you're on your deathbed. The melodies of the lead guitar have always been charming and catchy in the music of Amon Amarth, and in this album the tracks "As Loke Falls" and "Under Siege" represent the best lead guitar lines to bleed the ears of all the melodic death metal fans in the world. The legendary vocalist Messiah Marcolin has been featured in the track "Hel" and this was actually the biggest surprise in this album, especially for the worshipers of this amazing vocalist.

If you're a death metal fan and you're searching for one of the best death metal releases of the year, then you have to get yourself a copy of this album immediately. As a fan of Amon Amarth, I liked the tiny new elements that the band has added in this release, but I defiantly needed to hear more fresh material. If you hated Amon Amarth before this release, then there's no chance that you'll love them now, but if you're already a fan, then I guess you'll like every single moment in this record. This is the sound of Stockholm that will never let you down.

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