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Whiteman, May 25th, 2007

Amethyst hail from Australia and their one and only album "Flames In Eternity" is perfect female fronted Metal gem which i didn't hear for a very long time. It's hard to describe their style because they have their own sound (like Messiah Force combined with Sabbath/Candlemass but with old school hard rock influences...something like that...awesome stuff anyway!

This is in-your-face type of Metal and the first thing you'll notice here is great voice of Liz Galea. She is natural talent and sings typical middle-range vocals with some high-pitched vocals in the choruses and will make you sing along with her all the way through (as i did!). At times she does that "dirty" hard rock vocals (aaaaaarrrggh!!!) and will make you beg for more! I just adore her singing, very melodic, catchy and powerful! Second, Georgie Dario, man, this guy is God of Riffs! Ok, maybe he's not the fastest and the most progressive guitarist you'll ever hear but he has some fantastic neck-smashing riffs in almost every song (especially in "Eyes Of The Innocence", absolute killer!) that sounds like combination of Black Sabbath and Candlemass but ten times heavier!). Also, his solos are simple but very cool. Rhythm section (Nestor Melone - drums and Evan Harris - bass) is perfect (just listen to "Black Widow", totally progressive pollyrhythmic stuff). Drumming is very dynamic all the way through and the bass is audible and really gives depth to the overall sound. Production perfectly suits the music. Totally raw, "analog" and natural sound (not fancy or overproduced generic sound that is popular today). This album rules from the beginning till the end, no filler songs here. The only thing that could be better is front cover art, man, that "moon" and "fire" look really funny!

Amethyst is a world class band and it's a pity they already disbanded because they're all very talented musicians with great ideas and i'm sure if they lasted for a little bit longer they would get to the much wider audience. Huge injustice has been done to them because they didn't get the worldwide fame and recognition they deserve (why???) and i just can't understand how it's possible that no record label wouldn't pick them up?!? Anyway, Liz Galea is currently on a search for a new band (but this time in Europe) and i can't wait to hear more stuff from her! I hope to see her live on some gig just to make sure she looks as great as she sings! ; )

The original CD is very hard to find (self release in micro quantity) but when you find it your effort will pay off multiply because "Flames in Eternity" is in Top 5 of the best female fronted power/heavy albums of all times. Get it!!!