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Melodic Death ! - 75%

Skyklad, July 25th, 2002

AMETHYST - Dea Noctilucae demo (self released~2000)
This is a band that has since undergone some line up changes that would literally render this review useless for those wanting an idea of what the band is like now. Yet, I still feel this demo is worthy of mention as it features well done Melodic Death with Gothic undertones. The interplay between male death growls and female vocals is superb as are the guitar parts and atmospheric keys. ThereĀ“s good composition here and some nice sharp riffing but you can definitely tell it is a demo recording as sometimes the drum mix is poor. TRISTANIA comes to mind and even some AMORPHIS or MY DYING BRIDE as far as influences heard within. Nowadays the band is aiming for more guitar oriented stuff with no female vocals or keyboards and they have also gotten a new drummer (and vocalist but who that is I have no idea of yet). I recommend this release and look forward to future material.